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these two broadcast messages from bang alex in my blackberry, invited me again to think about this matter. I wanna say thanks to him, and to God, because it gave me another insight.

The Call To Singleness
(John Stott)

Acceptance or tolerance of a same-sex partnership rests on the assumption that sexual intercourse is ‘psychologically necessary’. That is certainly what our sex-obsessed contemporary culture says. But is it true? Christians must surely reply that it is a lie.

There is such a thing as the call to singleness, in which authentic human fulfilment is possible without sexual experience.

Our Christian witness is that Jesus Himself, though unmarried, was perfect in His humanness. Same-sex friendship should of course be encouraged, which may be close, deep & affectionate. But sexual union, the ‘one flesh’ mystery, belongs to heterosexual marriage alone.

Have a blessed Sunday :)

A Broadcast Message From : Alex Nanlohy,
Sunday, September 30, 2012. 06:09 WIB.

and, then the next morning :

Fully Human
(John Stott)

If sex is for marriage, what does the Bible say about singleness?

First, it reminds us that Jesus Himself was single, although He is also set before us as God’s model for humanness. This should not lead us to glorify singleness (since marriage is God’s general will for human beings, Genesis 2:18), but rather to affirm that is possible to be single and fully human at the same time! The world may say that sexual experience is indispensable to being human; the Bible flatly disagrees.

Secondly, both Jesus and His apostle Paul refer to singleness as a divine vocation for some (Matthew 19:10-12; 1 Cor. 7:7). Paul adds that both marriage and singleness are a “charisma”, a gift of God’s grace.

Thirdly, Paul indicates that one of the blessings of singleness is that it releases people to give their “undivided devotion” to the Lord Jesus (1 Cor. 7:32-35).

The truth is: although unmarried people may find their singleness lonely (and at times acutely so), we will not end up in neurotic turmoil if we accept God’s will for our lives. Unhappiness comes only if we rebel against His will.

Happy Monday :)

A Broadcast Message From : Alex Nanlohy,
Mon, October 01, 2012. 05:29 WIB.

i do agree with bang alex, one most important thing that you should do before decide, is to ask God for what plan He wants you to become. God's will must be the one that we totally follow, not our own will.

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